„Vallon Chéri“ means „Beautiful Valley“,

which is the name we chose for our historic classicist house built in 1831 – although the core of the building itself dates as far back as the 14th century. Come and soak in the positive energy left behind in the walls by the people who built the house and lived in it over the years. Listen quietly to the stories this old house has to tell…



Getting involved in the story means engaging your imagination. That’s why we tell our story through romantic symbols, associations and hyperbole, such as the French name of the house and its rooms alluding to various local features, but that is where the hyperbole ends. The design and décor of the house is the work of architects, artists and reputable artisans, all working to create a harmonious and inspiring whole.

The suite

When renting the suite , you rent the whole house which is only available to you.
The maximum capacity is 5 + 1 beds
1x large double bed
2x fold-out couch bed (1 ½ bed)
1x extra bed

The suite consists of:
The bedroom – a large double bed, a couch, (a baby bed)
The living room – a couch, a cast iron stove
The kitchen – fully equipped, a fridge, a dishwasher, an oven, a cooktop, a microwave, a sandwich maker, a toaster, a kettle, a coffee czezva
The bathroom – a shower, 2x toilet
The garden – garden furniture, a garden BBQ


Valloncheri jak to u nás funguje

How it all works

On the arrival you will find your beds and towels ready according to the number of guests, including the youngest.

In the kitchen you can prepare your own breakfast and dinner from the home produce available to you.

The suite is situated in the city centre, so it is convenient for the shops and restsaurants.

Although the suite has the central heating, you can heat up in the cast iron stove with firewood.

In the small but cosy garden you can use the garden furniture and the garden BBQ and the charcoal.

You can park your car in front of the house on the side of the road. It is within view of the stairs and the garden.

You will always get our warm welcome and we will say good bye to you personally.

Unfortunately, we do not accept pets in our suite with regard to the interior and possible allergens for the other guests.

If you are interested, we can arrange your meals in a nearby restaurant called the Wellness Hotel Rezidence

If you book a week stay at your suite, we will give you a present for both a woman and a man.

The Price

The price for the suite is 3200 CZK.

The price includes cleaning, beddings, towels, food available in the kitchen, coal, electricity, water.
We do not charge you anything more.

We believe that you will treat the entrusted property with love and you will be happy to return to our cosy suite again.

Thank you, Merci

Valloncheri apartmán interiér

When, where and why

That’s up to you. Are you looking to get outdoors and explore the Novohradské hory (Gratzen Mountains) on foot, bicycle, cross-country skis or from the comfort of your car? Then you might like to visit in winter or summer, when you can visit enchanting locations without having to fight your way through crowds of tourists, as this area hides breathtaking natural beauty that is well off the beaten path. For true connoisseurs looking for something out of the common way, we recommend visiting us in the autumn, when the flames are dancing in the and you can gaze out the window at the golden leaves falling from the maple trees on the slope under the castle walls . If you’re planning to stay indoors, do be warned – we don’t have wifi or other modern communication technologies in the house (except for one thing, but that’s a surprise).

If you would like to explore the area, here are a few options depending on your mood and the time of year:

Castles and more

Nové Hrady –castle, chateau, residence for a noble family, monastery, Gothic smithy, Baroque apothecary, Terčino údolí nature reserve
Žumberk – fortress
Cuknštejn – fortress
Třeboň – chateau
Weitra, Austria – chateau
Heidenreichstein, Austria – water castle

Religious structures

Dobrá Voda – pilgrimage church
Pohoří na Šumavě – former village, church
Cetviny – former village, church
Svatý Kámen – pilgrimage church
Trhové Sviny – pilgrimage church
Borovany – monastery


Gmünd, Austria – pool, salt baths
Karlstift, Austria – ski slopes, cross-country ski trail
Suchdol nad Lužnicí – outside swimming in lakes with sandy beaches


Červené blato – bog, natural reserve
Hedienreichstein, Austria – heath, natural reserve
Pohoří na Šumavě – retention tank for timber floating
Baronův most – canal for timber floating
Terčino údolí – English garden
Žofín – oldest virgin forest in Europe, natural reserve
Černé údolí – glassmaking settlement
Trhové Sviny – Bušek’s hammer mill, technical monument

Observation towers and summits

Gmünd, Austria – Blockheide observation tower
Schrems, Austria – Himmelleiter observation tower, “Unterwasserreich” visitor center
Mandelstein, Austria – hilltop observation tower
Nebelstein, Austria – hilltop observation tower
Kraví Hora – observation tower


Wellness Hotel Rezidence

Anything catch your eye? All of these spots are within 35 kilometers. Bon voyage!

Contact and where to find us

You can book your stay in “Vallon Chéri“ over the phone: +420 603 728 497 (+420 602 482 086) or by email: apartman.valloncheri@seznam.cz
For more information check our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/apartmanvalloncheri

„Vallon Chéri“, 5. května 103, Nové Hrady
GPS 48.7900578N, 14.7758508E
Link to map

We look forward to your visit


We would like to thank everyone whose invention and art made the “Vallon Chéri“ project reality.